Garden find..

Digging in the garden I found this lamp.. 'Authentic 1800's English ship's globe or "onion" lantern made by "Sherwoods" as marked on the wick advance knob and on the burner. This delightful little lamp is of all brass construction with a castellated top and a substantial circular cage which protects the clear glass globe within. The globe itself is of early hand-blown form with telling striations in the glass. The burner is of special note, being made of porcelain and is marked "LYNLIGHT No. 1." It fits atop the press-in font which is held in by means of two spring-loaded finger tabs. The entire lamp stands 10 inches tall (12 inches inclusive of pivoting brass bail handle) and 7 1/2 inches in diameter.' I smashed it though with the spade :(


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